Educational institutions face a myriad of IT challenges, usually with limited budgets. With your own devices (BYOD) being increasingly brought by students, faculty, and administrators, educational organizations need to scale the bandwidth and provide secure access. Sensitive information needs to be secured.While it’s key for educational institutions to have the latest network security services and networking technologies, limited budgets can make it seem impossible to purchase and then find resources for their management.

Solutions offered:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solution
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Address System
  • Datacenter Solutions
  • SD Wan Solutions
  • Routing and Switching

Signellent understands challenges educators face in delivering engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning opportunities to students while maintaining a high level of network security to protect data and meet compliance standards. To support educational institutions with their network security, the network security monitoring program supports a highly resilient cyber program for digitally transforming schools.As schools adapt their IT infrastructure to enable digital transformation, they also need to undergo a security transformation to protect against the ever-expanding attack surface.

The network security threats and solutions provides educational institutions with a proactive and transformative approach to their cybersecurity plan. It integrates siem networking, security solutions, allowing them to share threat intelligence and deliver fast, automated responses to threats anywhere in the network while providing IT staff full visibility of security events throughout the borderless network.

Signellent offers network monitoring security, endpoint security vpn to education institutes in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Vadodara, Surat, Jamnagar.Contact us today for Network security solutions, services for Higher Education networks all over India.


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