CCTV cameras is one of the integral elements in securing our businesses and daily lives. Signellent offers a comprehensive range of advanced security and cctv surveillance solutions to meet the different industries ever-changing requirements. We tend to serve many different verticals comprising government hotels, hospitals, government institutes, educational institutes, homes, infrastructure, and transportation among others.

Other CCTV Sureillance Solutions We Offer:

  • Temperature Screening
  • People Counting
  • Queue Detection
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Traffice Violation Detection
  • ATM's and Banks

Signellent offers a wide portfolio of CCTV products, which has been designed to meet customers unique requirements as our goal is to bring efficient, reliable, scalable, and integrated cctv solutions to our customers.

It covers CCTV Cameras, HD IP Security Cameras, wireless CCTV Camera and many more.We strive to provide you with only the best quality security and surveillance equipment that's affordable and reliable.

From buildings to shopping malls, and from traffic guidance to safe cities and beyond, Signellent offers a full suite of industry solutions. With these solutions, it’s not just about enjoying state-of-the-art security systems. It’s also about utilizing these very products to improve operational efficiency and make your workflow more intelligent. Whether it’s small to medium-sized projects that need only a few dozen devices, or large projects that require thousands, Signellent continually delivers sharp insight and create value for customers. Each industry faces unique challenges, and that’s why all of our solutions are tailored to the specific needs in each scenario. Explore Signellent's industry solutions today, and feel free to contact our team if you want to learn more about specific functions or need a solution made to order. We look forward to serving you..


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